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Author Bio


Only a strong man after God’s own heart could be as courageous in his faith as Travis Verge. Having been called to ministry at age nineteen, Travis has had numerous experiences with satanic and the demon-possessed as he served Christ around the world, witnessing the power of God as well as the deceptions of Satan. From smuggling Bibles into closed countries to sharing Christ with seekers of truth, Travis has always spoken out boldly against evil. In radio interviews and on Christian TV he has not been shy about exposing the deceptions of Satan, even those within the church itself. Recently, he battled a brain tumor he believes was an attack from Satan to keep him quiet. After successfully defeating both, Travis has continued to allow God to train and sharpen him for his ministry.


Travis has been blessed for 22 years with a Christian wife and partner, and twin boys who are already following in their dad’s footsteps.

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