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The Book

Any theologian or Biblical scholar throughout their studies encounters the origin story of Satan, and the interpretations of Satan have filtered into poplar culture through books, films, and T.V. shows. However, Satan’s nature and power is not always understood.


In Escaping the Shadows, author Travis Verge shares his experience in Christian ministry throughout the globe, recounting stories of people who are involved in the occult and highlighting one person’s conversion to Christianity. Verge seeks to expose Satan’s deception against humankind. He states, “Satan has tried to distort the truth far more than we would expect. His purpose on the earth would be easily achieved if he could get people to feel as if they were walking with God when, in fact, they are actually walking in shadows.”


Furthermore, Verge aims to empower readers with Biblical based truths, drawing them out of the shadows and into the light and teaching them to claim God’s power over Satan. He says, “I want readers to embark on an eye-opening journey, learning to experience God through His spirit and to develop a hunger for God’s truth.” Escaping the Shadows is available for purchase online at Amazon.

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