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Is it really time for the church to disperse?

I have been thinking about how easy it was for the entire church to disperse. I know this is a contriversal statement but some house churches are still meeting practicing social distancing and even meeting outdoors. Thanks Lee Wood! I wish others around here would do the same. There are those who are able and willing to leave their homes for physical food because the stores are still full here. Maybe this exposes the truth of many churches today. So many churches today are about a Sunday experience and now people realize they can have that online. If this is true, what will draw people back to buildings when they can watch a better service online in their pajamas.

Let's not give up what the church is really supposed to be even in the midst of a virus. People around the world meet in greater danger than this every Sunday, and many are still meeting in underground churches even now. To some church leaders overseas, the threat of the virus is less than their threat of persecution the continually have, so why would they not meet now. I am willing to meet responsibly with those who are able and willing. If I will responsibly be around people at the stores, why would I not be with the church. Just a thought

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