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New False Teaching

I am not going to be quiet about how the devil is leading the church down a “feel good” false teaching.

Why is it that we are now in a time where it is said “God is not angry with you” or “God has never been mad at you”? This is a lying teaching and it is just biblically wrong. I will list some scriptures which show God’s anger and wrath at times on Israel, wicked nations and even individuals. Sometimes these individuals were even His people who made bad choices. Here are just some Scriptures—

Ex 4:14, 22:24, 32:10-11, numbers 11:1, 10-11, 33, 22:22, 25:3, 32:10-13, deut 29:23-28, Josh 7:1, 23:16, 2 Sam 6:7, 2 chronicles 30:8

Others include—Here are some verses that God can be mad or angry with us. Deuteronomy 9:8, 20, 1 kings 8:46, 11:9, 2 kings 17:18, Ezra 9:14, psalms 2:12, 85:5-7, Is 12:1, Matt 18:34-35, 22:7, Luke 14:21-24

Here is a new song that promotes this false teaching—

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