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Satan would kill for me to not blow his cover

When I went to the emergency room a few weeks ago, I didn;t realize how bad I was was. Teresa came home and got a call at 2:30 a.m. that she better get back there because I tested positive for menigitus and I was in critical condition to be air lifted to Salt Lake City. She came up and they went ahead and transported me to Missoula where I was to have surgery after they dealt with the menigitus. God had mercy on me and I give Him thanks!

I was told yesterday by my doctor since my surgery that my recovery would be long and painful but that is to be expected. I understand that even though my book has struck a hornet's nest, Jesus already knows the lies of Satan and he he has entered into death to set the captives free.

All I ask is that you give a copy to a friend or family member that might read a book instead of the Bibile. Do not let them live their life in lies only to find out one day when it is too late.

I will deal with the pain to know that people im Pakistan and around the world will hear truth and be able to make up their own minds. I will send free copies if someone can't afford the $7 on amazon right now.. My costs are where I make no royalties so this is 0 about profit amd and 100% about the urgency I feel.

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