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The reason for the new book

Many believed the first chapter of Walking in Shadows was all wrong because we found out some new details in the alleged devil worshipper's story. I did not want to print anything that was not 100% accurate so I hastely took it off the market from the pressure of my minister peers without doing my own research. After careful research, the story of D.J's conversion and the way it happened was 100% true, even though there was uncertainty in all the occult details. We have learned that D.J. as well as some of her family were involved in demonic things and had dabled in evil/ demonic cult activity for many years. After talking with D.J. over these many years, there were a few things she lied about, but being demon possessed was not one of them. I personally witnessed the demonic voices and the difference in her immediately after deciding to follow the Lord. God blessed my first book and has called me to write Escaping the Shadows. He is already impacting people for Him as I had a reader say the other day, "That book is literally changing my life." Satan does not want the truth exposed but would rather have everyone stay in deception.

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